ADIDAS - Women's History Month Campaign

Adidas London featured me as one of their profiles of wome for their Women’s History Month in March 2019.

Watch the Instagram video here.

THE DOTS - Meet 100 LGBT+ Trailblazers Redefining the Creative Industry

Nominated as one of The Dots LGBTQ+ trailblazer!


Somerset House - Print! Tearing It Up!

My magazine was part of Somerset House’s exhibition ‘Print! Tearing It Up’, where they showcased independent and mainstream magazines throughout the years. I featured on their press interviews, podcast and events.

MOODY APP - Moon phases model

Modelled for the Moody App, which looks at your monthly cycles and moods.


Guardian - Front Page Of Guardian Newspaper for Article 'Zine Queens'

I was featured on the front page of the Guardian, as well as being interviewed for a piece inside about being an ‘independent zine queen’ and why I created Burnt Roti magazine.

TIME OUT - Print! Tearing It Up

I was interviewed by Time Out magazine for the Somerset House exhibition Burnt Roti was part of in the summer of 2018.